Quill™ SRS Suture

Suture from AngiotechName: Quill SRS

Brief Description: A suture with bidirectional barbs designed to pull through tissue in one direction and catch in another direction.  It has a knotless self-anchoring system.

Rating: 4/5

Points of Strength:

  • Controls and distributes tension within the wound
  • Facilitates closure of difficult wounds, including purse-string applications
  • Minimizes difficulties associated with knots
  • Has the potential to decrease time under anesthesia, therby reducing surgery risks associated with prolonged anesthesia

Points of Weakness:

  • not dyed and undyed
  • fragile – easy to break, particulalrly small calibers ( 3-0)
  • expensive!

Test Made by: Dr. Vipul Patel

Disclosure: No financial interest between Tester and Angiotech